How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Our job is to get you better.  We hold ourselves to the doctrine of the Classic of Difficulties, a seminal text of Chinese medicine written over two thousand years ago. The Classic of Difficulties《Nan Jing 難經》states that the lowest level of doctor must get 6/10 patients better.  A mid level doctor achieves success in 7/10 patients, while a high level doctor successfully treats 9/10 patients.  We aim to be at least the lowest level of doctor with a 60% success rate.  This responsibility to be the best we can be and help the Asheville community is something we do not take lightly.  If you are coming to the clinic week after week, month after month, and still not getting better, then we are failing in our job.

For patients with physical injuries, great improvement is often seen right away, but rarely is the problem cured completely with only one treatment. We typically request that a patient is committed to four treatments. On the fourth treatment, the practitioners have benefitted from enough contact time to get to know the patient’s condition, have already provided three treatments and have seen how the body is responding each time to acupuncture & bodywork, and in most situations the patient has taken an herbal formula.

Thus, by the fourth treatment we can evaluate results, fine tune our treatment plan, and can realistically estimate how long it will take to return a patient to health. By the fourth treatment we are clear if we are seeing progress, or if we need to change tactics.  Chronic illness often takes 3-4 treatments to begin to understand and untangle issues that patients have been dealing with for extended periods of time.


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