Clinical Training

To Sign Up for Clinical Observation,  please send an e-mail with your requested dates of observation.  Please also read our code of conduct and participant expectations here: 2019 observers form 

As part of our mission to raise the bar of Chinese medicine by bringing classical theory to life with clinical application, we are pleased to offer training at The Alternative Clinic, the Association’s teaching focused clinic. While seminar training is incredibly important, watching Chinese medicine in practice on real patients is critical to clinical efficacy. Clinical training hours have been approved for CEU credit by the California Acupuncture Board and are accepted by the NCCAOM and most US state licensing boards.

Traditionally, a student would spend years assisting and interning with an experienced practitioner before going out on their own, yet today most practitioners graduate from school without significant training under highly skilled practitioners. This greatly affects the results of our treatments and reputation of our field.

Observation / Immersion Programs:

Licensed practitioners who are interested to see the style of Chinese medicine taught and practiced at The Alternative Clinic may choose from a short term or longer term training program. For those who have completed an ATS training program, observing in the clinic will bring to life the seminar material and provide a better integration of theory. Payment is due in full prior to beginning clinical hours. Once hours are booked, payments are not refundable for any reason. Licensed Practitioners Only.

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Single Day Observation: $240

  •  9-5 pm, any single day of the week
  • End of day the observer is granted an 8 hour CEU certificate.

This single day observation provides the attendee with a certificate granting 8 hours of continuing education credit.

One Week Observation: $750

  • Monday through Friday
  • End of week the observer is given four 8 hour CEU certificates

Three Week Immersion: $2,000

  • To be completed in one contiguous 3 week immersion or three 1 week immersions
  • End of observation observer is given twelve 8 hour CEU certificates.

Three Month Immersion: $4,500

  • To be completed in either one 3 month immersion or three 1 month immersions.
  • End of observation observer is given thirty-five 8 hour CEU certificates.


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Application Process:

To sign up for clinical observation or an intensive immersion program, please send your requested dates of participation by e-mail.  Program participation is confirmed with payment in full and is not refundable for any reason. Please also review our code of conduct information at the following link: 2019 observers form

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:30

Saturday - Sunday 11:00 - 5:00