What Does Chinese Medicine Treat?

Chinese medicine was the dominant medical modality in Asia for thousands of years until the early 1900’s. Treating a vast population through life and death, peace, famine, war and epidemic, the scope of Chinese medicine is not accurately described by listing symptoms that acupuncture can treat, like saying “acupuncture treats back pain”. If you have come to this page looking for help and wonder if we can treat you – YES WE CAN!

We treat people, not disease, and would love the opportunity to show you the tangibility and efficacy of Chinese medicine done well.

The following illnesses were successfully treated with Chinese medicine, documented in the Tang Dynasty by Sun Si Miao, famous Daoist & Scholar (581 – 682 CE) in his encylopedic text the Thousand Ducat Formulae《Qian Jin Yao Fang 千金要方》

Abdomen Pain, Stomach Fullness, Nausea & Vomitting

Back and Spine

Benefiting the Qi

Blood in Urine

Body Itching (scabies)

Boils/ Ulcers

Brighten the Eyes

Build Bone Marrow

Carbuncles & Swellings

Chest & Rib Fullness

Cholera & Twisting Tendons

Cough & Asthma

Coursing Urine

Create Sweat (literally to exit sweat)


Difficult Birth, Placenta Not Coming Out

Digesting Food

Evil (fierce, severe or toxic) Sores

Face Flushing


Growing (engendering) Muscle Flesh

Hernia, Accumulations, Leaking from Below

Intestinal Piles (hemorroids)


Mouth Sores

Nose Bleeding

Parasites (literally invisible worms)

Red Painful Eyes

Solidify the Teeth

Spasms & Tremors

Spitting Blood

Stomach Pain, Intenstine Hardness

Stop Sweat

Stop Tearing (of the eyes)

Stop Urine Flow

Tendons and Bones

Vomitting Blood

Wasting & Thirsting (Diabetes)

Weak feet, Pain and Cold

Yin Eroding Sores

The following is the list of the most commonly searched diseases on the internet. We treat  these conditions as well. If you are searching for more information about any of these illnesses, please take the time to come in and speak with us. There is so much Chinese medicine (which includes acupuncture, bodywork & herbs) can do to alleviate these complaints.

Heart Disease



Respiratory Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease

Influenza & Pneumonia


Physical Injury


Back Pain

Disclaimer : Many sites provide a list of diseases acupuncture can treat. (Now, our site is the same)  Our marketing team tells us we must do this, otherwise the patients that seek treatment information will not find our clinic’s website in search engines.

As practitioners of medicine, and not internet marketers, we feel it is important to state that providing a list of what we can treat seems to indicate that there are conditions that are not treatable with Chinese medicine. It would be very sad if we forgot to list the symptom you are currently suffering with, and as a result you decided we couldn’t help you. Chinese medicine doesn’t treat symptoms or diseases, it treats people. If you are a person with a health complaint, we want to help! Make an appointment – and for only $45 for a quick visit, you can find out if we are a good fit for you.

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