About Chinese Medicine

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Chinese medicine stands to make the greatest contribution to society as we redefine health and wellness.

Be it acupuncture, natural herbs, health exercises, diet, lifestyle counseling, or simply understanding how to live in harmony with your environment instead of fighting it, no other biomedical alternative brings such comprehensive resources to treating illness and maintaining health with thousands of years of proven efficacy.

What does Chinese medicine treat?

At it’s roots, Chinese medicine is simply about observing patterns in nature and finding relationships.  Seeing that a dry winter increases fire danger in the summer, or that an unseasonably warm winter results in trees budding early – what is so obvious in nature is applied to understand cause and effect in the human body with humbling clarity.  By understanding that each action will have a reaction, with skill, Chinese medicine returns the system to harmony without creating side effects.

Unfortunately, the modern education of acupuncture has created a level of skill that is less than remarkable. Between the history of the last 100 years in China, and the esoteric training of acupuncturists in the west, much of the Chinese medicine practiced today is without substance or significant and lasting results.

Watch this video to understand the State of Chinese Medicine in China today presented by Andrew Nugent-Head at the Oregon College of Chinese Medicine.

We want to make a change! In order to be a viable medical option, Chinese medicine needs to be effective and tangible in affecting your health.  Our skills need to be predictable, reliable and repeatable.  We want to get you better and leave no doubt that it was Chinese medicine that treated your condition.

As a teaching clinic, it is not only important to achieve tangible results, it is also important to bring to life Chinese medical theory in a clinic setting.  No western medical doctor would endeavor to treat the sick without extensive internships and residency training under skilled and licensed physicians.  The Alternative Clinic’s teaching clinic atmosphere allows us to provide clinical training for other practitioners in our field –  displaying the tangibility and efficacy of Chinese medicine done well.

The Alternative Clinic is focused on getting you better, and teaching others how to do the same.

The Alternative Clinic will work with you to achieve tangible improvement in an affordable and timely manner.  We expect to make a lasting difference for you. We do not expect miraculous results with one treatment,  but we do expect to see tangible progress.

Treatments at The Alternative Clinic cost $60. We encourage scheduling an appointment ahead of time as we are often completely booked.

To learn more about our work in China documenting the traditional arts, please visit our not for profit website www.traditionalstudies.org

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:30

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